2024 - Job Opportunity

· Marine Park Operator

Either Full-time or Part-time ($19-22/hour DOE)

The Marine Park Operator position is responsible for Murtle Lake Provincial Park paddle-only campground and operating area. This includes daily maintenance and cleaning of facilities, regular repair, maintenance and renovation of park facilities, as well as managing the public's use of the park. In addition, you will operate the on-site portion of the MurtleCanoe canoe rental services. This position also supports the maintenance/reclamation of the Murtle Lake trail network; removing deadfalls, brushing back of trails, maintaining or improving infrastructures and/or signs, marking hazards, and the ongoing education and monitoring of lake and trail users to ensure safe recreational pursuits. The role is labour intensive and requires a high level of maturity and responsibility. Your additional function as Park Operator, sees that you actively support the company and BC Parks' equipment and facilities to maintain high standards of safety and functionality. This position is also highly customer service oriented, so you will also be responsible for working with your fellow team members to ensure that every Park visitor has an informed and safe visit at Murtle Lake. You are passionate about the backcountry experience, and you enjoy sharing the experience with park visitors. You are a true people person, yet you thrive on the challenge of living in a remote location for long periods of time. You are an adventurous and committed person who loves to work in a variety of conditions. You are an independent self-starter, a hard-worker, and a respectful team player. You have a keen eye for detail, and you take the initiative to do what needs to be done to ensure that everyone plays safe and within the BC Parks' code of backcountry conduct. You will be directly involved (and a part of the team) with the delivery of BC Park services but also, and most importantly, you will be helping to protect BC Park values.

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