As of October 03. 2022, 11:31 am

Murtle Lake's occupancy level is at


What does that mean?

This number represents the total amount of visitors spread over all campsites at Murtle Lake.
We cannot guarantee visitors to be evenly spread over all campsites.
Therefore, at some campsites the occupancy rate may be higher or lower than posted above.

Trail Updates

Name of TrailLength of Trail *StatusLast update
Lagoon Portage2.4 kmopen and clearedJuly 09, 2022
Murtle Lagoon North1.8 kmopen and clearedJuly 27, 2022
Henrietta Lake2.0 kmopen and clearedJuly 11, 2022
McDougall Falls4.0 kmopen and clearedJuly 30, 2022
File Creek Portage3.0 kmclosed (until further notice)-
Anderson Lake4.2 kmnot advisable, mudJuly 09, 2022
Central Mountain7.0 kmopen and clearedAugust 17, 2022
Wavy Ridge6.6 kmopen and clearedAugust 28, 2022
Strait Lake4.4 kmopen and clearedJuly 19, 2022

* One way
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